The Local Listing and Assets of Community Value portfolio is currently being managed by the Council as a whole

This is a new portfolio, which came out of the Council's consultation on the Parish Plan. It allows for the Council to look at whether any local buildings or land should be registered as 'Assets of Community Value'. These local assets are not officially 'listed', but are still worthy of a form of protected status.

Both private and public buildings and land can be registered as Assets of Community Value with the West Berks Council.

The designation means that if the owner decides to sell, the community can use the Community Right to Bid to obtain a 'pause' to the sale to give them the chance to develop a bid to buy it. Local pubs, shops and football grounds are some examples of the kinds of buildings/land which have been registered as Assets of Community Value.

If you have any suggestions of other buildings or land which you think it might be appropriate to apply to register please contact Cllr Mark Davis.

More details of the scheme and how it is operated in West Berkshire can be found by following the link below.

West Berks Web Site

Please note that The Bull Public House has already been suggested. Initially rejected, the Parish Council is looking for support from parishoners to get this decision re-examined. If you would like to add you voice, please contact the Clerk.

Responsible Councilor

This is a new portfolio that will grow in time.

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