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The village of Streatley, in Berkshire UK, lies on the river Thames. The Parish of Streatley is located in area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Parish, comprising the village and surrounding rural area, encompasses some 1287 hectares (3180 acres).

Streatley is about 8 miles (13 km) from Reading and 16 miles (26 km) from Oxford. It is attractively situated in the Goring Gap on the River Thames and is directly across the river from the Oxfordshire village of Goring-on-Thames. The two villages are connected by Goring and Streatley Bridge, with its adjacent lock and weir, and are often considered as a single settlement. Goring & Streatley railway station on the Great Western Main Line is in Goring and serves both villages. The village is mostly surrounded by National Trust land: Lardon Chase, the Holies and Lough Down.
On the Ridgeway route from Silchester to Dorchester, the Romans built a causeway across the River Thames between what are now the villages of Streatley and Goring. Streatley is recorded as a settlement in the Domesday Book of 1086, with the original St Mary’s church dating from 1220.

The overall layout, character and shape of the village today is clearly discernible from the earliest 19th century maps with the High Street running up from the river ferry to the Bull public house.
Streatley House

As a result of its position on the river in the “Goring Gap” Streatley is also a centre for tourism and day visitors. Visitors staying overnight have the choice of the Swan Hotel, the Bull Inn, the Youth Hostel and of course a boat on the river. These establishments estimate there are over 10,000 visitor nights spent in Streatley each year. Foreign tourists come to see a “typical English village” and use Streatley as a base to walk and explore the surrounding area, including day trips to Oxford, Windsor, Stonehenge, the Cotswolds, etc.